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"We have used many types of riveters in the 17 years I have been with the company. The Superior riveter we purchased over 18 months ago has exceeded our expectations. It runs 16 hours a day and has been trouble free since we got it (over 9000 rivets a day). Because of the return on investment of this machine we were able to justify buying 4 more this year."

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Superior has been manufacturing high quality Riveting Machines for over 10 years. Superior’s Revolution and traditional rivet machine product lines help you achieve the quality you expect at a competitive price. Our engineering group can assist you in providing solutions for your most demanding rivet setting needs.  Together with our customer, Superior can provide custom designed tooling solutions to meet the most challenging applications.

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The Revolution Riveting Machine


Superior Rivet Machines is the innovator of the Revolution Riveting Machine. The advantages of the Revolution technology are being experienced by customers around the world.  The days of messy, greasy, loud traditional style rivet machines that require toggle linkage, flywheels and belts are still gone with the Revolution.

The Revolution utilizes a cam combined with self-lubricating graphite slides that eliminate the need for the daily, weekly, or monthly lubrication schedules that other impact riveters require. The Revolution has far fewer moving parts than a traditional style machine because of its cam design. This unique cam design helps to minimize the maintenance, and repairs needed to maintain the unit along with taking the hassle out of your riveting operation. The Revolution is very quiet and can be configured to set a wide variety of solid, semi-tube, and self-piercing rivets.



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